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Taipei Metro Moving Signage

Taipei Metro is the main transportation that everyone including visitors would like to take.

All signage is clear, however, the signage for rules is small and not inconspicuous to visitors.

As technology begins to rapidly advance, the notion that static signage will still be utilised in

10 years is an overestimated prediction to say the least. The main objective of signage is for

visitors to engage with it and consequently understand the information being relayed.

With this, I redesigned the Taipei Metro signage from static to moving, echoing the style of

their tube map. The moving images would project onto the windows inside the train or through

the roof onto the ground of the building. Although this piece of roof projection technology is

non-existent, I believe that within 10 years there will be a development towards this.


Inside the carriage


No smoking

No pet

No littering

Phone on silent mode

Speak quietly

No fire

No eating

Guide dog allowed

On the platform

Inside the carriage