YCL Design


I am Yu-Chen (Lisa) Lin, and I was born in Taiwan in 1995.


Since childhood, I have admired the works and culture embedded in Japanese

animations and through this, my passion for Motion Graphics flourished. Just like

an image speaks a thousand words, Motion Graphics has the ability to exert the

same element which I find powerful yet intriguing. A moving image is a piece of

visual communication that is universally used and with this in mind, even though

different languages and cultural influences are imminent; we still able to

understand what is being communicating to us even without information

to guide us which I find remarkable.


After studying at the University of Hertfordshire for four years, I have been able

to strengthen my skills within Motion Graphics. Together with my ability to design

and create conceptual and purposeful ideas, my skills within Motion Graphics have

developed. In 2016, my animation “Japan is born again” for D&AD’s Shutterstock brief

was nominated for the New Blood Award. This is such a great achievement for me as

it highlighted that my work as a Graphic designer has been appreciated on a wider scale

and as a result, heightened my passion for connecting my culture within my designs.